GCR Environmental Systems

Technical Support

With GCR there are no hidden costs.

In commercial applications we will visit your site and complete a “Free of Charge” comprehensive site survey – 

including taking waste water samples for testing where applicable.

We will then produce a comprehensive site report for you detailing our findings and recommendations for your business. 

This report will detail product & equipment costs, the service level required to keep your site maintained all detailed 

usually on a pro rata basis, as most of our customers prefer to pay a fixed monthly amount.

On confirmation of your acceptance of these recommendations we will organise to visit your site and install products 

and pumps to begin the treatment and maintenance of your equipment. 

You do not have to do anything – we come to you – we do the work – we maintain the system.


From time to time we have been fortunate to be dealing with customers who have severe effluent, 

ammonia, grease and drainage problems (please see our case histories and testimonials). 

In a lot of cases these customers are being put under extreme pressure by the Environment Agency or 

Water Company for breach of Consent Levels and have been given warnings to improve things.

If you have problems like this please do not worry – GCR will meet with you and EA and Utility Representatives 

to discuss what actions are being taken to improve things on your site. 

We are happy to deal with these organisations and have found that our consistent approach and high service level have meant
that we are able to resolve site issues amicably and secure the support of these Agencies for future improvement of the site.