GCR Environmental Systems

Case Histories

A Pub, Restaurant & Hotel had a problem with their drains. They were blocking on a regular bases and the owner had to go 

to the expense of having them rodded and cleared. During the warmer weather the odour caused by the grease trapped in the drains was so bad that their customers could not use the garden area to sit and eat their food. 

The owner was concerned that he may be fined by the local Water Authority, and worried about the impact this was having 

on his customers and business. As someone who embraced “environmental” methods of cleaning he called in GCR. 

We visited the site, completed a survey and within seven days we had installed dosing systems in the kitchens. 

The system broke down the fats, oils and grease and stopped all of the malodours from the drains. 

This has been maintained and run successfully with the owner having NO problems since the point of installation 

two years ago.


A large Residential Home located in a small village had run into problems with the Local Water Authority. 

The grease from their drains had made its way down into the village treatment plant and was preventing it

from working properly causing sewage to overflow into the village. GCR visited the site and after completing 

a comprehensive survey set up a pump and dosing installation into the main drain exiting the site. 

Within six weeks the grease had been broken down and the drains were working normally. Conditions at the treatment plant 

improved so much that the local Inspector for the Water Authority visited the Home and met with the owners and 

GCR to discuss the success of the system. 

To this day GCR continue to service this customer and three years on they have had NO further problems.


A large Bakery based in the North had got into a lot of trouble with the local Water Authority. 

Because of what was produced on site the Bakery had a build up of COD and were breaching their consent levels. 

They were also experiencing a large build up of grease in the effluent plant on site. This grease caused blockages all over 

the site and caused further breaches of consent levels with the local Authorities. GCR visited the site and it was agreed that
we would perform a one month trial. Within that month the grease build up reduced and the plant came back within consent levels. 

The Bakery then decided that they did not want to continue to pay for a service package and as such we turned off 

and removed our equipment. Within six weeks of doing this the Bakery contacted us again and asked us to reinstall all of 

the equipment and dosing as they had been issued with a Formal Warning from the local Water Authority for breach of 

Consent Levels. The system was reinstalled and within a month we had reduced grease build up and had the 

Bakery back within Consent Levels.


A large regional Garden Centre Shops & Restaurant had been experiencing severe problems with their Sewage Treatment Plant. 

They were threatened with fines and potential closure by the Environment Agency. 

They were exceeding their Consent Levels for Ammonia, BOD, solids, and had already spent 000’s of pounds trying to 

rectify the problem. In the end they thought that all they could do would be pay out an additional 48,000 to have their 

drains linked into a main sewer.  The owner gave GCR a call. Within the week we visited the site, carried out a full survey and

passed our findings onto the customer. The following week the customer had to meet with the Environment Agency Area Inspector 

to be issued with another Formal Warning. The Inspector was shown the intended course of action and supported the activity 

that GCR were taking. We installed pumps and started dosing on this site late in December and by January things were improving 

to the point that the Environment Agency gave the customer more time to get the problem sorted. To date GCR have completed service work, sample taking, lab testing and maintenance of the system on a monthly basis. We have met with the customer,
the Environment Agency Inspectors and District Inspector. On each occasion the situation at the site has improved – The results have been passed to the Agency and they have withdrawn the Formal Warning providing the Garden Centre maintain 

the continuous improvement. In this case we helped keep the business open and save the Garden Centre a massive amount of money.


As we said “If you have a problem, or think that prevention is better than cure” call GCR because –